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We deal with many and very diverse issues such as, but not limited to the following types of unregulated investment schemes, Forex, Binary options, Gold and Silver, Diamonds, Fine Wine, Hotels, Shipping Containers, pump & dump, Abusive naked short selling and Crypto currencies. Some cases from our portfolio are listed below.

Project Larry

A UK client induced into investing into a Detroit Property fraud. Carlton Huxley were able to recover and sell the 2 properties and recoup our clients investment.

Project Neil

Our client was a corporate lender who had been induced to make a £4.5 million loan to an entity in West Africa who subsequently defaulted on the loan. To date £1.5 million has been recovered and we have identified additional property worth £4.6 million in the UK and France which is now subject to recovery procedures in the courts.

Project Brian

Our client was induced to lend $250,000 to an entity in the Bahamas which had taken approx. $40 million. To date we have located assets worth $10 million in the USA and $23 million in the Bahamas and we have recently uncovered strong connections in the UAE.


BVI & UAE Forex Fraud with and estimated 7,000 victims who have lost an estimated $800 million. Two people received prison sentences of 513 years each in Dubai.

Project FCI

BVI & Dubai based fraud. The company is now in liquidation and purely based on the information provided by Carlton Huxley Ltd the liquidators were able to recover over $6 million. The case is ongoing.

Project James

A Chicago based property fraud. Our UK client lost approx. $500,000 in a Chicago based property fraud. In Jan 2022 the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority issued an award in favour of our client for $483,000 + 9% interest = ±$750,000.

Project Steve

Our client was the victim of a false claim by a former employee who was demanding substantial damages for alleged discrimination and unlawful dismissal. As a result of our enquiry we were able to show that the claims were not only baseless but fraudulent.

Project Bergen

In March 2022 lawyers in NJ obtained a judgement for $13 million as a result of evidence gathered and the management of a claim for over 300 clients by Carlton Huxley Ltd.

Project Alison

A fraudulent damages claim against our client for £450,000 in which the claimant had said she was agoraphobic & unable to walk or drive. We were able to prove that she had been to New York on holiday, had bought herself a new camper van, had been hill walking, and on 1 occasion had run a half-marathon. The claim against our client was dismissed in its entirety.

Project Adam

International corporate fraud where the suspect has stolen approx. £15 million from a network of companies in the UK, Gibraltar, Spain, UAE and the Cayman Islands. To date we have located, and lawyers are in the process of recovering properties in the South of France valued at €6.5 million, a property in Monaco worth €2.5 million, Paris €1.2 million, Southern Spain €1.1 million, Cayman Islands $2.5 million and Dubai $2.4 million.

Project David

Our client complained that he had been the victim of a US pump & dump securities fraud which had netted $37 million from victims primarily in the USA. We were able to recover our clients funds, the matter was then taken over by the FBI and we contributed evidence. One of the suspects was sentenced to 45 years imprisonment.

Project Nicholas

A high-profile client had entrusted several classic cars to an individual who was going to sell them on his behalf which he did but he kept the money. As a result of our enquiries, we recovered 12 of the 15 vehicles including a Ferrari Mondial, Jenson Interceptor, Ferrari 328 GTS, & Porsche Targa.

- Matt Parr, Her Majecty's Inspector of Constabulary
“You are still more likely to be a victim of fraud than any other crime, but too few fraudsters are held to account.”  
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