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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

EVRM LIMITED was incorporated on the 28th of May 2013, the director of this company is Beverly Ryan.

EVRM is one of the “branch” companies also linked to ELBN UK, their specialty is the trading of rough melee diamonds. EVRM’s promise was the possible return on investment or increase in the value of diamonds.

Similarly, to EBLN UK, or EVR BULLION, EVRM would use brokers to push buyers to invest in diamonds.

As it turns out, the diamonds were being sold almost 3 times above market price.

We have reason to believe with our proof and research that EVRM could have been committing fraud by false representation because there never were any diamonds to be sold to begin with, and our clients never got a return on investment as disclosed in the contract they signed at the start of the purchase. (Fraud act 2006 - Section 2).

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