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Investigation: Eco crops International

EcoCrops was founded on 11th August 2017 and claims to be a multinational agroforestry management company, that offers several forestry and agricultural-related services for its investors.

According to the EcoCrops International website, they have three office locations worldwide.

On that same website, they were promising that for an investment of €29,500, clients would be purchasing 1 acre of land that had been planted with high-grade mixed forestry. This land would then be managed by Ecocrops for 6 years after which investors should receive 5 separate return streams. After the 6-year period, and after harvesting and selling the timber grown on the units, Ecocrops were guaranteeing a €105,968.00 return per acre.

Research shows Mark Lewis Rayner played in the £30,000,000.00 plus Greenwood Management Scam /GWD Forestry Investment scam, allegedly operating out of Palma Majorca, Spain, where it is speculated, he is operating EcoCrops International.

According to, Mark Lewis Rayner has taken millions of investors worldwide without any return of profit or return of initial investment. Due diligence into this company shows they may not have had existing commercial purchase contracts in place at a set price that supports the percentage profits on offer.

It stated a large percentage of the investment funds are paying for operating costs and not land or biomass trees.

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