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Investigation: Pacific Tycoon

Pacific Tycoon, previously known as “Own your own shipping container” is a Ponzi scheme based in Saigon.

The CEO of the company is called Ted Mallory, this is not his real name, but he is the person behind the scheme, and it has been reported that several investors have dealt with him but no one, not even his ex-employees know his real identity. The idea behind it is that you buy the shipping container for $4100 and Pacific Tycoon organizes the transport of the container around for people to lease it. You can earn 12% of the container purchase price per year. The container belongs to you and has an individual number plate for tracking. It is

registered in your name and is insured and you can sell your containers at any time.

After extensive research on the matter, it appears that hundreds of people have invested in Pacific Tycoon, and allegedly no investor has ever made any profit from buying containers with them.

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