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Initial evaluation of your case

What happens at this stage

We start by getting an initial statement or declaration of facts which you sign, documenting your claim and at the same time collect the necessary supporting documents.

The strength of a private prosecution depends to a great extent on the quality of the evidence available. The onus is on those bringing the prosecution to obtain that evidence.

From our experience, it can take up to 8 hours to establish your claim and collate, analyse and index documents. Carlton Huxley Ltd will prepare a report for you on the merits of your individual case, detail options available and suggest the best way to proceed, in our opinion.

The monetary value you have lost does not matter, we will provide an initial evaluation and assessment of your case, including a statement of loss/debt for a fixed fee per person. From this you will see whether you have a claim and who it is against. It is at this point you can then decide whether to move to the next stage, trying to locate assets and recover money without litigation.

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