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Investigation & potential litigation

What happens at this stage

Should you wish to pursue avenues identified within your report, Carlton Huxley Ltd will make contact with the identified defendant(s) and attempt to negotiate the return of funds lost on your behalf. The enquiries we make will provide an indication of what assets the potential defendant(s) have and whether they have the money to repay you. It is futile spending money on litigation if the defendant(s) GENUINELY do not have the means to pay. We emphasise the word genuinely because as we are sure you are aware many fraudsters and delinquent debtors do their utmost to move and conceal assets.

If required, Carlton Huxley Ltd will look for a suitable law firm and liquidator to help at stages 3 & 4 and if necessary, a third party litigation funder (a litigation funder funds the costs of litigation for a percentage of funds recovered. This saves you having to pay for litigation upfront with no guarantee of a positive outcome and thus they take on the risk of not recovering funds).

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